Friday, October 10, 2014

Just Me

A Day In My Life 

Everyday I wake up to see you my lady fair,
A glint of sunlight piercing,
through the splits of your tousled hair.
With my finger your smooth contour i trace,
And watching those goose bumps build,
Sets my heart on fire and pulses to race.
Its bright outside and the breeze is still,
Come my Dear, A perfect day
For a walk around Pleasureville.
For its here we can find people akin,
As we walk around arm in arm,
A Feeling of gentle flame beneath our skin.
The walk is long, I'm tired,I pretend,
To see you flushed with anger, and
You know deep inside i wish the day never end.
Watching with you the sunset,ah what joy Begotten,
Its only now that i sit and watch alone,
Still you are never forgotten.
Its these special moments to me that really matter,
I have kept them hidden inside,
And Locked in a chest that would never shatter.
Not anymore I find satisfaction down that memory lane,
So I demand those Wanton pleasures,
Just to feel alive again.
-John Melvin

Thoughts - My constant Companion

Knock Knock!!! Knock Knock!!!
On my minds door,
Oh here comes, the army from yore.
They come hither unnumbered,
Some with a torch aglow,
some so dark, they lay you low.
All they do is march,
Masters of your fate,
Try to trap their light,before its too late.
Let go of the dark,
For it masketh the veracity,
keeps us all hidden, behind the fabric of reality.
With their light the fabric burns,
Lifting the veil so slow,
Someday like the sun, you shall glow.
-John Melvin

An Impossible Dream 

Sometimes you dream a dream,
From it to wake would be a sin.
So surreal and serene it may seem,
You feel the bliss pervade within.
I saw that evading smile again,
On all the downtrodden's visage.
thrust into abyss was the pain,
ahead were the good times-a presage.
I saw the days of glory,
none bound by country nor the race.
when everyone told a story,
where tears went without a trace.
I woke up to the harsh reality,
ahh fear, welcome back friend.
All around i see insanity,
that's crossed the limits of amend.
Don't you see the stars above,
Don't you see them glitter in glee.
An inventory of God's love,
they are the bits of you and me.
For we are all made of stars you see.
None too high and none too low.
Then why'd we fight, to ruler be,
Though in His eyes we equally glow.
Love for all,if it be our creed,
Oh the world, a perfect scene.
Peace on earth is all we need,
to make true this impossible dream.

-John Melvin

A poem dedicated to John Lenon, one of my favourite artist on his 70th bithday.
Actually Inspired by his song "IMAGINE".
The magnitude of change it would take to create a world that was seen in the dream
is near to impossible. Hence it will always be My Impossible Dream. But still lets
keep trying to make this world a better place ... P.E.A.C.E \m/....

Identity ....
Whats my Identity ?????
It's a force to be reckoned,
My dad used to say.
a thought i outwardly beckoned,
but deep inside i said nay.
My life's all figured out,
And i know the things to do.
Or will it be a nought ?,
a question i left without much ado.
As the days sped past,
i kept changing my mask.
Which one fits me best,
whom do i ask ?.
Lost in contemplation,
to find my life's essence.
had a late realisation,
but it did make some sense.

From the day we are born,
a race does start,
though the path is unknown,
we all speed like a dart.
Do we hit the bullseye,
Surely time will tell.
the way to live the life,
Is to break out of the shell,
not a day I shall repent,
If only I really do try,
to chase the dreams I dreamt,
and believe someday I'll fly.
then I paint a banner in the sky,
And let my identity shine.
In eternal peace I can close my eye,
after finding something I call "mine".

-John Melvin

Somethings i believe in... Pursuit of dreams.... Hope... Faith... God...Hardwork...

That's Amore 

With a smile and a hint of fear,
I come at your door to ask you out dear,
When you said yes,I can't believe my fate,
For its a day of our first date.
A million things run in my head,
A dinner tonight or a movie instead.
Or is it just a walk at dusk,
Where're we going?, when you ask.
I look at your face and those almond eyes,
No wine can ever match these highs.
Your turquoise gown compliments them best,
Dinner it is, my case I rest.
I ask, how about a dance before we eat?,
The music playin is a slow tango beat.
Yes, why not,It's my pleasure, you say,
For no one can match the way we sway.
As I pull you close and lead you on,
a funny thought in my head does dawn.
Are we still dancing to the tango beat,
Or is it to the rhythm of our heart beat.
I Watch your tender lips sipping on wine,
ahh what a sense of pride,that they're mine.
Those long hair of yours,and how they flow,
A waterfall in the dark,a hint of moon's glow.
And then by the beach we take a walk,
I sit and listen to all your sweet talk.
I say to you what i felt on the dance floor,
the moon,the stars and you,a beauty galore.
Every night in dream in my head it rings,
A dulcet voice of yours everytime it sings.
This date has been such a pleasant surprise,
A feeling of me and you, lost in paradise.
Then at the door when you stopped and kissed,
Its was a hint i could never've missed.
For its only now i am more than sure,
About the feelings in the song "That's Amore".

-John Melvin

Why So Serious ?
A deathly symphony echoes in the deserted street,
A gush of wind whistling and my heart sounding a panicky beat.
The ground i now stand looks barren,
And the heavy air I breathe is grief laden.
Every step i take creates a sustained clatter,
The Picture ahead cripples my gray matter.
An escaping shadow of a knight in armour,
There Lay dead the people, to him who labour.
I chase to catch a glimpse of the fleeting figure,
Only to turn around the bend and reach a glass tower.
As i look in the glass i see a thing i always fear,
for i don't see me, but a knight in the mirror.
Dazed and confused i wonder who is He ?
Only to realise its the Dark side of Me.
As i walk to the end of road,there hangs a board,
"Why So Serious ?", "Laugh out Loud" ......

-John Melvin

Inspired by one of my favourite movie characters "The Joker" from the movie "The Dark Knight".

A girl without a name 

Just when i thought i was done with love,
 Life again played its wicked game.
 I now sit here alone and think how ?
 I fell for a girl without a name.
Those three words i had said too much,
 Never wanted to say, i'd known the pain.
 A piece de resistance her charm was such,
 those three words i want to say them again.
I Pursued her,like in all love stories,
 took me sometime with her to acquaint.
 The time spent till now has made memories,
 On life's canvas most vibrant I could paint.
Should i just sit and wait for a sign,
 the feelings within me to reveal.
 Or just tell her, for I think she is mine,
 As if it's not a big deal.
Sometimes i think, if loving her is a mistake,
 just then, the thought of her puts a smile.
 That's when i knew it's a risk I'd rather take,
 and to be with her I'll walk many a mile.
  -John Melvin

Rude Gal, You're Beautiful ....

The day she gleam'd upon my sight,
A lovely apparition,
my heart leapt in delight.
A pretty poker face, Eyes like star,
for a stake in her,
could send kingdoms to war.
with a presumptuous walk and dusky hair,
she never fails, but
get my earnest stare.
voice so mellow, sounds of tinkling bell,
Or the wind chimes
of nature,who could tell
there are days,when from her the rudeness pours,
and a lot more days,
when the goodness flows.
I spend my days wondering how ?,
Could God let an angel,
like her fall from above.
Shall i compare her to the morning dew,
that sparkled for a moment,
and left without a clue.
Shall i compare her to the harvest moon,
pours the light of life,
in the nights of gloom.
oh these comparisons fail me more,
Let me just say, Rude gal,
You're beautiful,it's you I adore.

Circle of Life 

Beads of sweat swell through his pores,Coz he knows
its his last walk to the Heaven's doors.Where he'll
find liberation from all contradictions,he'd
faced in life all through the seasons.He waited
for the night when silence prevails and darkness falls,
In the air and on the roofs and the city walls.Alas
there's one thing he could not ignore,It was the
velvety sea and its thundering roar.
As a kid he'd sat by the shore to ponder,Foot prints
in wet sand, where'd they go? ,he'd wonder.He grew
up experiencing minor lows and major highs, thought
they're part of everyones life like seas and tides. He'd
felt drops of love in the summers of hatred, tried holding
onto them forever but they always parted. He'd travelled
the world, seen the ocular splendors. Amusement was what
his blite spirit found in the worldly blunders.
As he aged he'd questioned, What does every new life portend ?.
Truth was though the journey begins,it was the begining of the end.
Now at the sea shore his faculties bring to the fore a question,
all through the times that was lost in the oblivion. Foot prints
in wet sand, where'd they go ?. This is all in his life
that's now left to know. He walks into the open arms of the sea,
please tell me the answer was his plea. Where he began there
he ended the strife,this my friend is the circle of life.

- John Melvin

Eternal Promise

Worlds apart from me,
in peaceful bliss you sleep.
Every time in dreams i see,
beads of pearl of your silent weep.
Every tear strains my heart,
makes me think how ?
To keep you happy from start,
In life forever and now.
Tonight to thee i'll promise to,
not let a drop of tear pour.
To keep you happy i'll do,
give my life if it needs for sure

-John Melvin

My Beautiful

I saw a vision of heaven on that fateful day.
her angelic face when revealed in month of jan.
A Picture of her springs forth, in me the joy,
To put in words what i feel, i'll surely try.
Drenched in a sea of blue n pink, there she stands,
A beautiful mild woman, I can't wait to befriend.
I stood bewitched by her unabashed flaunt,
To me her beautiful visage is sure to haunt.
I see my world in her doe eyes, and find
Paradise in the beauty of her mind, only to
bear witness that an hour feels eternity,as I
gaze at her visage unrelenting every night .
An unbridled romantic I am, without an ounce of shame,
I ain't no sinner, coz her beauty is to blame.
-John Melvin

Our Journey 

We were a children of the future,
We loved with a love that was more than love.
Oblivious to people's indifferent nature,
Shunned the hypocrite world and flew above.
We knew love bring forth the same old danger,
Still we plunged into the pool of passion.
Every time we felt a brand new pleasure,
We'd love till eternity was our mission.
Somewhere down along, the child in you waned,
Rapidly as a lit candle's wax.
I still grew like a sluggish old oak,
Just standing to bear the marks of an axe.
I dreamt about us caught in a wild storm,
You asked "How far and where'd we go " ?
I said,"As long as you are in my arm,
We ll learn by going, where we've to go".
Now we are two hearts living in two separate worlds,
And the journey to each his own.
My dreams died,Life's a broken
winged bird, still i walk on...

-John Melvin

A Day The Earth Stood Still 

I saw you on a day i missed you the most,
It was a day, forget I never will.
For years to go i shall remember,
It as the day the earth stood still.
In that moment a thought crossed
the mind, How did i love you for days?.
An entire lifetime it ll take to realise,
All the moments of us and count the ways.
For our love was such a grand affair,
Like an eternal gathering in the celestial palace.
The stars and all glitters the guests,A time
for lovers and theme was sweet embrace.
When you are old and grey and contemplate,
All that loved your youthful beauty, grit and grace.
You'll find all but one man who loved the soul in you,
And who loved the beauty of your changing face.
And then when you nod your head, a little sadly,
And think how love fled and locked behind bars.
Don't look any further in the dark my dearest,
Just see my face hidden amidst the stars.

-John Melvin
28/11/13 --> Day to remember....

A sense of solitude
Love, and you feel every thing's right;
Hate, and you are alone.
A promise of a long walk side by side,
Now i am left all by my own.
Thoughts, pain and numb the mind;
Hope, it's lost on the air.
What i receive for i do return,
Lend me an ounce of care.
Anger, rage of a jealous heart;
 Pardon, where did you go?.
Everybody wants the shining star,
None want my bag of woe.
Smile, and the world smiled back;
Frown, i lost them all.
Cracked and crumbled my wall of fate,
From glory's pedestal i fall.
Time, an endless flow of river;
Life, a transient passer by.
Cord of love strangled the soul,
just the body's left to die.
Lie, is death cloaked in velvet;
Truth, a mirage in the desert.
With cart of memories drawn by will,
From her world I depart.

- John Melvin

This Day 

On this day with you i felt,
an eternal love so free.
For you did to me,
What spring does to a cherry tree.
I saw it in the dreams,
where we roamed all the street.
with our entangled pinky fingers,
and rhythmic strides of our feet.
you used stop by at shops,
admiring the glitters of the world.
I looked in your eyes, you meant
world to me, a story remained untold
Like a lightening, struck reality,
When i woke up from the sleep.
Hurt poured like a rain,when
i found your not mine to keep
A day shall come,
when knocking comes death.
And the time has passed,
to draw my last breath.
Lastly I wish to see,
a dream of this day.
and surrender all,
in eternal bliss as i lay..
- John Melvin.

A prayer
My Life these days,
Is all but in a mess,
I know its a boring topic,
But i can't digress,
Everyday as i try to juggle,
Family,Friends,Future and all,
A constant fear engulfs me,
If any would slip and fall.
I am a weakling before HIM,
It's a known fact,
In life real happiness is,
When i master the Jugglery act.
So i ask HIM -
Give me the Vision,
My uncharted life to tread,
Give me the Courage,
To fight the things i dread.
Give me the strength,
To lift the heaviness on my brow,
Give me the hope,
To see a better tomorrow.
Give me the Wisdom,
To always see the veracity.
Give me the resolve,
To lead a life of integrity.
For what I do in life,
Echoes in Eternity.

-John Melvin